NEW STATE LAW - Act 235 Relative to Local Housing Authorities

On July 31, 2014, the Senate and the House passed H. 4374, An Act relative to local housing authorities (LHA) and sent it to the Governor. On August 6, Governor Patrick signed the bill into law as Chapter 235 of the Acts of 2014.

The purpose of the law is to increase oversight of public housing authorities. As with any law, our job now becomes to enforce it to make sure that public housing and its residents, current and future, are protected. There are both challenges and opportunities and much work to do to breathe life into this law through regulations, implementation, enforcement, training, and organizing. Mass Union of Public Housing Tenants shall be working on various aspects of implementation of the law with our partners in legal services.
What follows is an outline of just some of the issues and possible next steps.


  1. Increasing the Public Housing Authority Operating Line Item
    for FY17 budget
    1. New Monitoring & Assessment Program
    2. New Annual Plan
    3. New Independent Technical Assistance Training
    4. New Resident Surveys
    5. New Requirement for Tenants on Town LHA Boards
    6. New Regional Innovations Program
    7. New Training Requirement for LHA Boards
    8. New Housing on Surplus PHA Land


The new law is quite lengthy as its 5 pages long, and therefore could not be posted here; ... HOWEVER ... we have made it available to you to download as a MS Word document.

Click here to view entire New Law